Installing the free copy of Camtasia 3

The generous folks at TechSmith provided a full copy of their Camtasia 3 product on the CD of the book - it is the same product that sold for $300 - and it comes to you free on the CD of the book!

On this page, I'll walk you through the installation of the product - it's actually so simple that you can even skip this section and go straight to the page that shows you how you can use Camtasia 3 to capture your PowerPoint presentations...

Installing Camtasia 3

  1. Run the Camtasia setip from within the CD interface that will autorun when you place the companion CD in your drive. Alternatively, just navigate to the Camtasia 3 Registered Version folder in the CD under Software, and double-click the Setup.exe file.

  2. This will bring up the dialog box that you can see below. Click Next to continue

    camtasia setup 01

  3. This brings up the License Agreement screen - you'll have to click the Accept button to continue.

    setup camtasia

  4. The next screen allows you to choose a installation folder, and lets you decide if you want desktop shortcuts. Choose as required and click Next.

    camtasia setup

  5. The next screen allows you to choose if you want to install optional components - you'll want to make sure that you install RealMedia and Windows Media Encoder support if you want to output to those formats.

    camtasia setup

  6. In this subsequent screen, click Next to begin installation.

    camtasia setup

  7. After installation, you are presented with a screen that tells you that the installation was successful - click the Finish button to complete the installation - you might want to keep the Start Camtasia Recorder now option checked.

    camtasia setup

  8. Soon after that, the Camtasia Registration dialog box will appear - you'll be prompted to enter a user or company name.

    camtasia setup

  9. If you opted to install the Windows Media Encoder support (see step 5), you'll see this screen that will install this option now.

    Windows Media Encoder support

  10. Once this is done, your installation is complete.

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