Troubleshooting Sound and Video

Austin Myers article on how PowerPoint interacts with multimedia will allow you to understand the concept well.

Running Smooth Videos

  • Don't run any programs in the background that can be avoided - these include instant messengers, camera or webcam software, your PDA connectivity application, etc. Also, it's a good idea to disable your screen saver.

  • Close all open programs except PowerPoint.

  • Defrag your hard disk often so that it can function optimally.

  • Upgrade your video RAM - also upgrade your system RAM if possible.

  • Make the next 'event' in PowerPoint something very simple - you don't want PowerPoint trying to assemble a "zoom" bitmap while it's trying to play the video.

  • Right-click the movie within the slide, choose the 'Edit Movie Object' option and check the option "Hide while not playing" in the Movie Options dialog box.

  • If you are creating your own video files, try making them "fade from black" in the actual video file since it helps to hide the fact that PowerPoint often stutters before playing the video file.

Check out Microsoft's movie troubleshooters for PowerPoint 2000 and PowerPoint 2003 - and this other article on Microsoft's site explains how PowerPoint 2003 Plays Multimedia Files in a Presentation...

PowerPoint MVP Echo Swinford has a video troubleshooter on her site...

Some URLs at the Microsoft site might change - and I'll make sure that the links on these pages change accordingly - however, it is possible that the link might have changed and I'm not still aware about it - if that's the case, can I request you to let me know about this through the feedback form... Thank you!



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